“What if, whenever we read the Bible and felt as though we got nothing out of it, we paused to ask the Spirit for insight into God’s promises, to ask him, “Lord, you have been given to us so that we can understand all the things freely given to us by God.  Will you give me insight into God’s Word right now?” Have you ever gained an insight in Scripture but not known how to respond? What if, instead of trying to figure out application on our own, we asked the Spirit to give us an experience of our need.  Pause to ask him: “Lord, who knows the heart of man like the Spirit of God, will you help me to experience my specific need for God right now?” Perhaps the Spirit will lead you to respond by rejoicing, repenting, or obeying. Finally, have you ever read with insight, known your need, but felt no desire to respond to God? Don’t move on or assume you will have the proper response. Pause and ask the Spirit: “Lord, forgive me for my lack of desire, and create fresh, new desire in me to respond to Jesus. “Ask the Spirit to give you insight into his promises, experience of your need, and a desire to respond.  Approach God’s Word with God’s Spirit. Plead for the lightning while carrying the rod, and ask the Spirit for these three things to revive an indifferent heart.” 

Jonathan Dodson, Gospel Centered Discipleship




This morning in our men’s bible study, we started studying Deuteronomy.  As such, our discussion strayed towards Moses’ not only not making it into the promised land, but having to see the land he would never enter.  This is most often read as a torturous punishment, that God shows Moses the Promised Land to exacerbate his sorrow.  Nothing has convinced me that this reading is faulty more than Martin Luther King’s last speech.  Here King reflects on his joy of knowing that his people will enjoy what he will not see.  He says at the end of that speech:http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkivebeentothemountaintop.htm

This morning in our men’s bible study, we started studying Deuteronomy.  As such, our discussion s

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